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OUTSOURCE your EDITING with confidence

Tired of spending hours behind your computer? Sick of getting those "where are my photos" emails? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of work there is to do on the back end of a wedding or portrait session? Struggling to find that work/life balance? It's time to outsource your editing, and I'm here to help.

Helping Fine Art Photographers

Outsource their editing.

You have a gift and passion that drives your photography business forward. You've reached a level of success that's exciting except it's becoming too much. You can't keep up and you feel stuck. Or maybe you want to get help before your business becomes unmanageable. that's where I come in and give you your life back!

Your editing team

Hi, I'm Andie - Your Best Kept Secret

Hey there, I’m Andie! I’m a Washington D.C. hybrid photographer turned boutique private photo editor. I help other photographers gain back their valuable time — allowing them to grow a soulful, profitable brand while maintaining beautiful high quality editing their work deserves.

I have a background in Studio Art, a BFA in Photography and Film from Virginia Commonwealth University, and 14+ years of film & digital photography experience. 

Embracing a business that helps other photographers be more present in their life & business has been such a reward for me. This business has been a humbling, beautiful experience that has made me appreciate the power of high-quality editing more than ever. If you have any questions at about outsourcing your photo editing please reach out! 

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editing services

basic edits

Preset application, basic LR adjustments for exposure & white balance.

full service

 Preset application,
 LR adjustments for color correction, white balance, exposure, contrast, cropping, & straightening.


Indecisive or simply need someone to quickly choose the best of the best? We've got you!

let's be real.

no one wants to be stuck behind their screen all day

So what if you didn't have to? What if you had a sweet, great solution that meet all your needs? What if it was super amazing and INCREDIBLE? What if it was affordable and built right into your workflow to cut your turnaround times by WEEKS?

only our clients receive


One-on-one service allows us to build trust in the editing process


Focus on meeting your unique editing style


Efficient 7-10 business day turn-around period


Gorgeous, cohesive images that blend throughout the day

you need this.



Reserve Client Seat

Before I can begin editing for you, you need to secure a seat on my client list for the year if one is available. I prefer to make long lasting connections with clients so I can continue to work on their team for years to come. I do not offer one-off or seasonal edits.


Book An Editing Slot

Once you've booked your wedding or portrait session, you'll need to reserve a date in my calendar to ensure a spot in my editing schedule. Early reservation is encouraged.


Upload Your Catalog

After photographing the session/event, you'll edit several anchor images from various lighting conditions from throughout the day for me to use as a baseline to match. Then, the LR smart previews you'd like me to edit and/or cull will be sent via Dropbox.


Download & Enjoy

You will receive your gallery in the same format you submitted it - via a Lightroom Previews Catalog. You will be able to access your finalized catalog in your Dropbox folder. When you import it into Lightroom on your computer, you will be able to export the edited images as jpgs.

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Sorry, 2022 client spots are now full! If you’d like to add yourself to the Waitlist newsletter, you’ll be the first to know if a spot opens up.

Please note: I do not accept one-off or seasonal edits for non-clients. My editing focus and time is entirely dedicated to my on-boarded clients.

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